Marshall Boyette

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Boyette worked as a Senior Research Associate at Jackson State University, Jackson, MS and previously was a project manager for the U. S. Army Corp of Engineer’s High Performance Computer Center after retiring from the MS Air National Guard. While there he was responsible for automation and digitizing all manuals, regulations, directives. This allowed Corp personnel to access this data from any site. This program saved the Center hundreds of thousands of dollars over proposals for lesser systems being offered by commercial industry. He also was responsible for the performance of the network and was asked to develop steps to improve performance. His recommendations increased the speed of the systems dramatically.

In the Mississippi Air National Guard, Mr. Boyette was an Internet Technology Manager over a wide area network supporting three units state wide and over information and telecommunication security. His role was to constantly monitor and inform command of any possible network threats inside or outside the network. During his tenure his network was never hacked.

Mr. Boyette worked in conjunction with USAF personnel to address threat scenarios during the units participation in the Air Force’s training exercises named Red Flag. He produced counter measures solutions to these threats. In post evaluation of the unit’s participation in the exercise, they were informed that they were the only transport unit to lose no aircraft to hostile actions.

Ron Ogan

Executive Vice-President Operations

Mr. Ogan formed SNIC Enterprises Incorporated. Mississippi certificate # 2018286128 with Marshall Boyette and Paul E. Watson, P.E., a veteran owned business specializing in cybersecurity solutions for the U.S. government, Universities and Companies to prevent hacker threats from disrupting normal business operations and filed a non-provisional utility patent 16/265,986 on 11 May 2019.

Mr. Ogan has been a Disaster Reservist for Mississippi Emergency Management Agency for the last two years supporting the Watch Desk, Earthquake and Drone Surveillance programs. In 2018, Mr. Ogan filed a non-provisional Utility US Patent for a network cybersecurity product and he has experience in computer security and vulnerability assessments.

Mr. Ogan recently was a Senior Research Engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute working on the Missile Defense Agency program supporting systems engineering and sensor developments. Prior experience at Raytheon Systems Company, Forest, MS and El Segundo, CA included development, design and testing of advanced Electronically Scanned Phased Array (AESA) radar systems for the F/A-15 and F/A-18 aircraft. Skills include certified Six Sigma Specialist, Integrated Product Design Performance IPDP lead using SLATE and DOORS ® software for systems allocations.

Professional experience also includes, telecommunications and space communications system for military and commercial applications in ground based, airborne and space based electronics.

Mr. Ogan, worked as a Industry Adjunct Instructor at the University of North Texas, developed and taught a project-oriented course Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFId) for engineering in support of a National Science Foundation grant.

Mr. Ogan is a certified Six Sigma Specialist with several projects completed that resulted in total program savings in millions of dollars. Analysis skills include MATLAB radar modeling simulations and device characterization electrical design and improvement Mr. Ogan is an IEEE Life Senior Member, Major in the USAF Civil Air Patrol, Pilot, Remote Pilot and member of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International www.auvsi.org and Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA).

Paul E. Watson

Chief Technical Officer

Paul E. Watson worked as a Senior Research Associate at Jackson State University, Jackson, MS. Paul E. Watson, P.E. is an IEEE Senior member and retired from Raytheon. At Raytheon, he worked as Test Department Engineer, Start-Up Manager and Senior Test Engineer Section Head. Mr. Watson worked as a Contract EE Engineer for Geologics Inc to Raytheon and held Secret and Top Secret DoD clearances working on radar systems. Mr. Watson performed complex tasks in the Radar Near Field Probe and environmental systems facility for Radar Antennas and PLS Radar Systems.

Mr. Watson also has experience working in the agriculture field of beekeeping and has written an E-Book on building Bee Equipment and another one on Making Honey. Mr. Watson has completed a lecture for the Lake Library on November 18th 2015 and for the Forest Garden Club on February 16th 2016, in collaboration with the Mississippi State University Extension Center.

Mr. Watson has designed a special beetle predator killing system with potential patent pending when testing is completed. He also has designed timers and controllers with electronic devices for industry. Mr. Watson has a Master in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) from Mississippi State University and is a registered Professional Engineer with the state of Mississippi. Mr. Watson is retired from the United States Naval Reserve (USNR).

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